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industrial absorbent Pads & Rolls
Industrial Absorbent Universal Pads & Rolls

Soak oil or water based spills

Works great absorbing:

  • Oil spills
  • Water spills
  • Chemical spills
  • And more!

Machinery often leaks in hard to reach places. Our Sonic Bonded pads tear easily along their perforated seam to fit most and space.

Small diameter densely woven outer layers of our Fine Fiber Pads keep lint away from internal parts while the high loft meltdown core pulls in oils and other fluids.

Universal Sonic Bonded Pads & Rolls

Oil Eater® Sonic Bonded Pads and Rolls are the economic solution for the widest variety of spill control and clean up situations. All of our sonic bonded absorbent pads and rolls are constructed from a single layer of highquality uniform polypropylene fibers that have been bonded together using our unique High-Loft process. This material provides both superior strength and reduced lint. Oil Eater® Universal Sonic Bonded Pads and Rolls are available in light, medium, and heavy weights.

Universal Fine Fiber, Multi-Layer Pads & Rolls

Our Oil Eater® Fine Fiber Pads are designed to deliver the least amount of lint, these three layer absorbent pads are made from the highest quality polypropylene. The outer layers are constructed with small diameter densely woven fibers. They are then ultrasonically bonded to a high loft meltblown core. Oil Eater® Universal Fine Fiber, Multi-Layer Pads and Rolls are available in light, medium, and heavy weights.

  • The right choice for your specific needs
  • Perforated for easy use and cost-savings
  • Superior strength and reduced linting
  • Available in light, medium and heavy weights
Part Numbers
Universal Sonic Bonded Pads

AOA-BPL200-GREY – 15” x 18”
AOA-BPL200-GREY – 15” x 18”

Universal Sonic Bonded Pads

AOA-BRM200-GREY – 30” x 150’

Universal Laminated Fine Fiber Low Linting Pads

AOA-FPM100-GREY – 15” x 18”
在线看福利影在线看福利影,渚光希高清图渚光希高清图,中国人口数量中国人口数量AOA-FPH100-GREY – 15” x 18”

Universal Laminated Fine Fiber Low Linting Rolls

AOA-FRH200-GREY – 30” x 150’
AOA-FRH200-GREY-2PK – 15” x 150’ Split


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